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Flippin Chamber of Commerce
PO Box 118
Flippin, AR 72634-0118
Phone: 870-405-4534

Food Bank of North Central Arkansas
Contact: Jeff Quick
14215 Hwy 5 South - PO Box 128 (Mailing)
Norfork, AR 72658
Phone: 870-499-7565
Fax: 870-499-3500
Hours of Operation: 9:30 A.M. - 3:30 P.M.
Description of Organizations Services:
The Food Bank of North Central Arkansas provides food to over 30 community food pantries and soup kitchens in the nine counties of North Central Arkansas. The Norfork Community Care Program, located in the Food Bank, consists of a community food pantry which serves the Norfork area, and a Thrift Store which provides clothing and household goods for a small donation. Burn-out victims, homeless and poverty stricken can receive clothing and bedding, free of charge. ...(Read More)

Foster Care to Success
Sterling, VA 20190-4977
Phone: (571) 203-0270
Fax: (571) 203-0273
Description of Organizations Services:
OFA's mission is to: 1. Provide opportunities for America's foster youth to continue their education 2. Raise awareness of the number and plight of older teens leaving the system 3. Illustrate the bureaucratic maze of foster care that youth encounter 4. Highlight the potential of America's foster youth and show the importance of supporting their dreams 5. Offer direct opportunities for citizens, business and civic organizations to assist older foster youth ...(Read More)

National Family Caregivers Association
10400 Connecticut Avenue, #500
Kensington, MD 20895-3944
Toll-free: 800-896-3650
Fax: (301) 942-2302
Description of Organizations Services:
The National Family Caregivers Association (NFCA) exists to support family caregivers and to speak out publicly for caregivers' needs. NFCA espouses a philosophy of self-advocacy and self-care that is predicated on the belief that caregivers who choose to take charge of their lives, and see caregiving as but one of its facets, are in a position to be happier and healthier individuals. They are then able to have a higher quality of life and to make a more positive contribution to the well-being of their care recipient, all of which has a positive impact on society and health care costs. Through its services in the areas of education and information, support and validation, public awareness and advocacy, NFCA strives to minimize the disparity between a caregiver's quality of life and that of mainstream Americans. Services for family caregivers are noted below. ...(Read More)